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Herscheid and the Headbangers

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Vintage 1970's

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Vintage 1970's

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At Herscheid & the Headbangers: Vintage Volume Pedal made by Ernie Ball during the 1970's USA made - As used by Mark Knopfler and many others!

Ernie Ball’s Volume Pedal quickly earned a reputation for being reliable, durable, and basically indestructible.

Most guitarists used the volume pedal as Ball intended – a basic control to allow them to increase their volume to take a solo between verses, then back off, all without pulling their fingers away from the business at hand. The volume pedal might lack the sex appeal of a fuzz, phaser, or octave duplicator, but it did its job. And did it well, night after night.

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