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Form a Band


Always wanted to play in a band? Now is your chance! Join one of our band workshops and learn the secrets from very experienced musicians!

And of course, you'll get to perform!

If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch with us for more details.

Our mission is to diversify the selection of musical instruments around us, hence the legacy of our generation.

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Used Musical Gear is Better Anyway:

Because used music gear develops its own sonic character

The curing and working of wood over time as it is exposed to oxygen and repeated vibrations from playing is a real phenomena that results in a more immediate response and a drier, open sound. Beyond that, wood will take on emphasized frequencies based on what’s been played on it 
for many years.
But the virtue of buying older instruments doesn’t only relate to tonewoods. Hardware settles into place. Parts get used to the duty of holding a certain tension. Previous owners (if they receive what the instrument tells them) learn what string gauge and tuning really brings out the best in an instrument.

Because used music gear comes with stories.

We suppose new gear has a story, too..

Buying used gear helps your fellow musicians

Even if you sell to or buy used gear from smaller brick-and-mortar 
shops, you’re helping musicians.

They are usually run by a handful of people who are musicians themselves, not MBAs. And the original person who brought the item in is still getting paid.

Here's a few more reasons...

Because it offers way more choice...

Manufacturers tend to chase the same trends at the same times. Buying 
new means being limited to this year’s finishes, features and specs.

Not only does used gear offer more diversified choice, it also offers the same choice for less money.

Used music gear has been real world-tested

When a consumer catches a lemon or something fails, they can often 
exercise the warranty. Sometimes they can’t, and it comes out of their pocket.

Either way, the next buyer didn’t have to deal with the hassle of that initial shakedown cruise.

Used music gear is more sustainable

This one is pretty simple. Most instruments are not disposable. When cared for, they can still make compelling music many decades after they’re produced.