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Korg ToneWorks AX10G Modeling Signal Processor

Korg ToneWorks AX10G Modeling Signal Processor

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For sale at Herscheid's : Korg AX10G Amp Modeller & Multi Effects

Great pedal with only one owner, but i was used A LOT, in all sorts of environments. Everything functions as it should, but there are severe usage marks on it, there is no more cover in the back where the batteries goes. A little dusty, no box or manual but it's still a great pedal to explore. Would be an ideal pedal for someone who's starting to discover the big world of guitar effects. Runs off regular 9v power supply or batteries (4xAA). Will be packaged and shipped securely. As described, please watch all photos and read description, this pedal works fine but has been used a lot of jam sessions.

The AX10G - for the guitarist
The AX10G provides eleven amp and distortion models ranging from warm, fat tube amps to extreme fuzz. It also provides eleven modulation-type effects such as chorus and tremolo, plus eleven ambience effects including delay and reverb. Additional effects such as feedback, acoustic simulation, rotary speaker, and even tape echo are all reproduced with stunning realism.

Eighty programs for instant tonal variety (40 preset / 40 user)
The AX10G lets you use up to one amp plus four effect models simultaneously, providing a huge sound variety. Forty preset programs are built-in so you can just plug in and play. They cover a wide range of styles and playing techniques, plus you can edit and save your own settings as forty user programs.

Expression pedal for limitless expressive power
The AX10G has a built-in expression pedal that lets you control a wide variety of effect parameters. You can use the pedal in familiar ways to control effects like wah and volume or to modulate the speed of a chorus or flanger. The feedback effect can be controlled by the expression pedal and a pedal pitch shifter effect lets you smoothly change the pitch up or down a maximum of one octave (there's also a special mode for stepped pitch change). The color of the LED tells you at a glance whether the effect is assigned to volume, wah (octave), modulation, or ambience.

Knob-based interface for intuitive control
The amp model, modulation effect, and ambience effect settings each have a dedicated select knob for instant access. The parameters of the amp model can also be intuitively edited using knobs, just as on the original amp. The panel layout of each effect makes the signal flow clear and easily understandable; preamp -> amp -> modulation -> ambience. The AX10G is so easy to use, you'll be able to take full advantage of their creative potential as soon as you unpack the box - without having to read the manual!

Other functions to support the guitarist
The AMP/LINE select switch lets you send the optimal signal to any destination - a guitar amp, mixer, or multi-track recording system. There's a built-in Korg Chromatic Auto Tuner with a Mute function, ideal for on-stage tuning. Since the AX10G is compact enough to fit in the pocket of your gig bag, it's easy to carry to any gig or session. With a headphone connector and 18 hours of continuous use on battery power, you can enjoy high-quality sound anywhere and anytime.
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