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Herscheid and the Headbangers

Takeharu - G85

Takeharu - G85

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Vintage 1975 G-85 classical guitar, a beauty by Takeharu (Kiso Suzuki Violin Company)!

Powerful basses, controlled mid with a high dark resonating tone on the high that sounds highly familiar with guitars made in this area during that era. High frequencies resonating along with the octaves with great sustain, this guitar is a jewel!

Rare on the North American market, this guitar is a must have in your collection. Easy to play, well balanced and doesn’t show much damage for it’s almost 50 years. Gold logo on the headstock is very well preserved, beautifully shaped headstock.

As shown on photos, there is a small circle above the bass strings where the percussion is made, a small area without varnish below the high e and small scratches on the back. This guitar is ready to play, frets have been cleaned and oiled, new strings have been put.

The action is a little bit higher than on average but we lifted it that way as some musicians prefer it like this and it can be easily adjusted by it’s new owner. Kiso-Fukushima is famous for producing the finest custom, handmade guitars in the world! You can find plenty of info on the Kiso Suzuki Violin Company & Takeharu online, so let's jump to the Specs : Nylon strings Full size 40"x14" (4/4) Neck : 2" (5,1cm) Frets : 19 Shipping is indicative! Contact us and we will find the best way to reduce costs and as always, this guitar will be packed with the uttermost care before shipping.

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