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Herscheid and the Headbangers

Vintage 1970s Traynor TS-20 - Solid state (1976-1979)

Vintage 1970s Traynor TS-20 - Solid state (1976-1979)

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At Herscheids MTL : High performance and very well built TRAYNOR TS-20 from the late 1970's.

-Made in Canada

-Very clean and in excellent shape

-Killer deep tone.

-The pots have been cleaned to ensure noiseless adjustments

-Awesome reverb Made in USA from Accutronics

-Nice solid heavy cabinet.

-Fully tested

The sound pressure level it delivers is far more than many 20 watt rated tranny amps seem to be capable of.

Herscheid & the Headbangers

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