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Herscheid and the Headbangers

YAMAHA REX50 - Digital Multi Effector | Vintage 1980s

YAMAHA REX50 - Digital Multi Effector | Vintage 1980s

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At Herscheid & the Headbangers : Yamaha REX50 in a very good condition. A nostalgic Multi FX unit from the 80's is making a comeback and is highly sought after due to its unique LoFi sounds.


  • Reverb: state-of-the-art digital technology reproduces the acoustic reflections of various environments. Other reverb effects include early reflection, gate reverb, and revers gate.
  • Delay and echo: independently programmable right and left channel delay and echo effects with adjustable feedback allow creation of a broad spectrum of delay effects.
  • Distortion: an extremely powerful and flexible distortion effect, by itself or with other reverb, delay, and modulation effects – making the REX50 essentially two effects units in one.
  • Modulation: the expressive capability of the popular modulation effects (Stereo Flange, Chorus, Stereo Phasing, and Symphonic) are all here as well, with the added flexibility of a wide programming range.
  • Gate: a high-performance noise gate with a fully programmable ADR envelope. Extensive triggering functions enable creation of an incredible range of unique sounds.
  • Compressor: compression can be used to sustain sounds (such as a guitar), or smooth out the volume extremes of particularly dynamic sounds (such as vocals).

Tested and fully working

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